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Intertrade International Services is an ideal partner, able to offer a wide range of products and services, covering the supply of traditional hand tools to the most advanced performances in the agricultural and industrial sectors, civil and environmental protection areas, as well as providing immediate overnight emergency relief supplies. The network of partnerships worldwide with leading industries, specialized in different sectors, makes IIS a qualified and flexible supplier, recognized as a unique intermediary and partner for global requirements. Intertrade has also established strategic relationships in many countries. Under these alliances, Intertrade is able to provide consultation services of highly qualified engineers and technicians.
Our main focus is on providing emergency relieves & general supplies to United Nations & related agencies, Field Missions, Governmental and not Governmental organizations.
We strive for the satisfaction of our customers; this is our success.
Intertrade actively accepts its corporate responsibility in regards to sustainability both in attention to society and to the environment. The entire group is aligned with the UN Global compact principles and it forms the basis for all our business activities.

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Head office in switzerland

Headquarters - Administrative Department

Supporting Office

commercial & Logistics in italy

Commercial Office & Export Department

Warehouse Bedano

Warehouse in Switzerland

Warehouse & Logistic Office

Logistics Base


Freezone Commercial Company & Log Base

Incredible Teamwork

Our team has been dedicated to the cause since the beginning of Intertrade International Services. During the 20 years and more of activity, we have experienced significant company growth. Our reputation has reached global levels, as Intertrade is offering solutions and matching the requests of clients. Over the years we have developed a robust network of contacts establishing representative offices around the world (Iraq, Qatar, China).
This allowed our team to expand culturally and make the world a littlebit smaller.

RBB warehouse

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Defence Barriers



Our Projects

We have projects in different fields to your technical and commercial specifications and work to find perfect-fit solutions through our comprehensive network of local and global suppliers. Intertrade provides qualified support that goes from the research of the best solutions to their implementation all over the world.
  • RFQ & ITB Responses

    Agricultural Machine & Spares 98%
  • Security & Protection 89%

Sectors of activity

  • Information technology & Office equipment
  • Special equipped vehicles
  • Beverage
  • Agricultural machines & Implements
  • Field supplier & Camp deployment
  • Emergency & Relief supplies
  • Industrial road & Maintenance
  • Security & Protection


We are looking for you!

Learning, work and personal life are all parts of an individual's journey. A career is nothing more than that.
Members of our team have varied skills and personality traits, but they all of them have the following aspects in common:
  • A strong sense of responsibility
  • Pride in the quality of their work
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Initiative and resourcefulness

Is this career for you?

Necessary Skills

  • English Proficency
  • 2 Years of working experience
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Fast learner
  • Problem solving skills
  • ability to work under stress


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